P.S. I have 3 kids

It’s amazing to me just how much BAD advice is out there.

I must look fairly young or completely incompetent because no matter where I go someone wants to give me parenting advice. As if I have absolutely no idea as to what I am doing. Grocery stores, banks, you name it, some unassuming person will engage in a conversation with me about my baby or my kids and what I should be doing.

The number of times people say “wow you have your hands full… what you need to do is…” is unbelievable.

I want look at them and say please, please tell me… What should I be doing oh wise one.

But I don’t, I smile and nod and know in my heart the answer is I should be doing exactly what I am doing.

I am a pretty terrific mom if I do say so myself.  I am creative and fun.  I am honest and forthright with my children.  I keep them safe, happy and healthy.  They are my number one job and I do that job like a mother f*%@er.

Now with my two older kids in school most of the day, I often only have the baby with me and that’s when I get the most advice.  Stupid thing that make no sense like “you should always have socks on the baby” I live in Southern California and it’s almost always 80 degrees.   “Brest Feeding your baby will make him co-dependent have you tried formula, that should make him less fussy.” Ummm no Sir you are wrong, Nursing is by far the best thing for my baby and go f*#@ yourself. I did not actually say that but I wanted to.

I have made it through teething and potty training and bloody nipples.  I have made it through broken bones and epilepsy.  I have made it through mean girls and as of late the curse words and sex questions.  I made it through my way and it is the best way for me and my kids.  I may not be perfect but I am doing the best I can – sometimes learning lessons the hard way.  (A little shameless self promotion to go check out our family Vlogs on YouTube.) TheHardWayVlog

The Hard Way

So now the next time someone offers advice, smile and nod and tell them to go F%*@ themselves for me.  You are an awesome mom!!!



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