Where are your socks?!?!?

At my house laundry duty is viewed as a punishment.  An evil dreaded job that no one wants to do.  Including me!!  Yet, I have now come to realize it is the only way to ensure our day runs smoothly.  It seems so silly but so true.

Let me explain…

In the mad morning rush to get out of the house the primary question that gets asked is “Where are your socks?”.


Everyday without fail someone is missing their socks.  This then sends me into a full-blown mom melt down.  I know you have socks I washed all the clothes.  What is going on. I get angry and have to scramble to find someone their socks.  Sometimes I can’t even find my own socks.

The problem is that we leave the clean socks at the bottom of the laundry basket and they never make it to the kids rooms or our drawers.   They are small and it’s annoying to sit there and find the matches after folding all the other clothes.  So the job never gets done.

It does not seem like that big of a deal.

I have been trying to figure out why I am always struggling with what seems like simple tasks such as getting out the door in the morning.   It all goes back to getting the small stuff done.   I am not a lazy person by any means but I have been slacking in the prep department.  I have been trying so hard for the past few years to make money and build a huge business that I neglect things like socks. But let me tell you, those socks are important.

I guess the lesson that has finally been learned is that while it is important to see the big picture in order to create it, you need to do the work of painting in the details.

In order for me to create the life I want I have to actively keep up with it even the small stuff like socks.

Thank goodness we are officially on summer vacation and we are all wearing our flip flops of the next few months.

Make Sure to check out our family Vlogs at TheHardWayVlog!!!The Hard Way



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